Pets in Transition


Pets In Transition, Inc.

Founded July 2008.

Our all-volunteer organization began by simply transporting animals from local shelters to no-kill rescue groups in Houston and other neighboring towns for placement into loving homes.

We focus our time on rescuing animals, getting them ready for adoption, and then transitioning them to a loving home or to a no-kill group that will find them a loving home. Animals that are already spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and tested for diseases have a much better chance of being accepted into a rescue group for placement. Pets In Transition provides this for the animals we rescue.

Some of the animals we see in the shelters are sick or injured, but otherwise very
adoptable. Many adoption groups are unable to take in animals that require extra
medical care or recovery time.  Pets In Transition takes these animals into our rescue, gets them the medical care they need, and provides a foster home for them while they are healing.

A little yorkie mix named Reese is a prime example of what our organization does.  See his post to read his remarkable story.

We hope to save many more!  Want to help? Donations to our 501(c)(3) organization are tax-deductible,
and 100% are used for animal care.

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