Pets In Transition, Inc.

Our goal is to place pets in permanent, loving homes. Please complete this application and contract so we (P.I.T.) can assist you in finding a special, compatible companion to join your family. With this information, we (P.I.T.) minimize the risk of a failed adoption. We do not adopt dogs or cats on a "first come, first served" basis, but rather make every attempt to match families with the most compatible pets. We reserve the right to decline any application.

Our adoption fees help to defray the costs of spaying/neutering, testing and vaccinating our pets, but rarely cover all expenses.

Our dogs are heartworm tested and placed on heartworm preventative. If the dog is heartworm positive, HeartgardĀ® is the only preventative or treatment that may be administered. Any other type of heartworm preventative or treatment could cause the dog to become seriously ill or even die.

Must be at least 21 years of age to adopt.

Release for Veterinary Reference:

I, ______, hereby give permission for any veterinarian providing service to me to release medical information on any/all of my animals to Pets In Transition, Inc.

By typing my name in the signature space below, I acknowledge the above statement.

(format: m/d/YYYY)

Do you have children/grandchildren?
Do you own or rent?
Do you have a fenced yard?

Do you have a pool?

Do you or your spouse/partner travel frequently?

Are you willing/able to purchase and use a crate if needed or advised?
Do you have a pet door?

Have you housetrained an animal before?

Are you willing and able to commit to behavior and/or dog obedience training?

Do you give permission for a P.I.T. representative to visit your home prior to adoption to do a home check and after adoption to do follow up checks on the pet?
Have you owned this breed/mix before?
Have you owned a rescued animal before?
Have you ever adopted from a rescue group or shelter?
Have you applied to adopt an animal and been declined?
Have you ever given up animal(s)?

Do you or did you have other pets?
By typing my initials in the spaces below, I agree to each statement.
I agree my adoption fee is NON-REFUNDABLE even if the pet is returned to Pets In Transition. (P.I.T.)
I agree that I will never sell, trade, or give away this pet to anyone. I will never relinquish this pet to any shelter or pound, whether "no-kill" or otherwise. I will notify P.I.T. if I am unable or unwilling to keep this pet, and I will return this pet to P.I.T. after arrangements have been made for such return. I will keep tags on the dog with current information at all times.
I agree that all future medical and health maintenance treatments are my responsibility, unless P.I.T. has specifically agreed to pay for them under the "special provisions" at the end of this contract. I will administer monthly heartworm preventative to the dog year round. If the dog is heartworm positive, I understand that HeartgardĀ® is the only preventative/treatment that may be administered. Any other type of heartworm treatment or preventative could cause the dog to become seriously ill or even die.
My dog will be primarily indoors, interacting with my family, and will not to be banished to the back yard. I will never tie my dog to a chain or rope or leave him/her unattended for long periods.
I will protect this pet with annual vaccinations and routine medical care and health maintenance as recommended by my veterinarian. I will seek immediate (at time of injury or signs of illness) veterinary care if this pet becomes ill or is injured. I understand this is for the lifetime of the pet.
I agree that the pet SHALL NOT be physically altered in any manner (docking tails, cropping ears, declawing, etc.).
I will comply with all state and local ordinances in the confinement, care, and licensing of this pet. I will reclaim this pet promptly, and pay any required fees if it is picked up by an animal control agency. Rabies and ID tags will be kept on the animal at all times. Cats will only wear a breakaway collar specifically designed for cats.
I understand that P.I.T. does not make any guarantees regarding the age, nature, temperament, or health of this pet. I assume all risk and responsibility of ownership of this pet once he/she is in my possession. I agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless P.I.T. and its agents against any and all claims including claims of property damage and/or personal injury, which arise from my adoption of this pet.
If I fail to fully and timely comply with the terms of this contract, I will, voluntarily, immediately release ownership, possession, custody and control of this pet to P.I.T., and if I fail to do so, P.I.T. will be entitled to enforce specific performance of this contract in addition to any other legal remedy available to P.I.T.
I affirm that all information in the Application is true, complete and correct and agree that any false or misleading statement thereon will constitute a breach of this contract.